Hire workers


The lockdown situation, as a result of the coronavirus, has led to an increase in the need for online interviews as more companies are in search of remote workers.

However, a lot of Nigerian companies’ HR personnel are not familiar with the procedure for having an online interview, as opposed to the standard physical one.

If you are conducting online interviews for the first time, you need to ensure that the necessary measures are in place for you to make a professional decision.

How then can you go about holding an interview online and getting the best results? Easy!

 Step One: Prepare your questions

Just like you would for an actual interview, be sure to prepare the right questions and include notes on keywords you want to hear in the respondent’s answers.

Preparing your questions helps you to feel calm and familiar about the interview before it begins.

Step Two: Use a secured ISP

One of the most important things in an online interview, other than rapport, is the internet connection. Your internet service provider or ISP, has to be fast, secured, and reliable. Test out the router or network strength before making the interview call and be sure to prevent all incoming calls or texts, if you are using a mobile phone as hotspot.

You can check out the VDT routers for perfect internet service!

Step Three: Noise and Background check

The next step to ensure that the interview goes flawlessly is by making sure there won’t be any distractions that could affect you and the candidate. Check out the background of your chosen spot for the interview and make sure it is appropriate, with the right lightning to ensure that the candidate can see you without distractions.

Step Four: Maintain professionalism

Depending on your company structure, you should be in an outfit that reflects exactly how you would be dressed in the office. During the interview process, maintain the level of professionalism that is expected in your company or organization so that the candidate can be assessed based on their responsiveness to the professional standards.

Step Five: Be the best version of yourself!

You shouldn’t go overboard because you want to be professional or chill. Just put out the best, right amount of your true self as is appropriate.

Remember, while you are not the one on the hot seat, you have to make sure that your choice is right for the role!