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How to Answer Interview Questions #TheFive

The importance of interview performance cannot be overstated. The possibility of employment is heavily influenced by how well you do at the interview stage. The easiest/hardest point is the way you answer these common interview questions. Our commitment is ensuring that young graduates secure employment so, here are the best ways to answer these questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself

The point of this question is to establish your personality and how it makes you the best fit for the job. In answering this question, try not to divulge too much or too little personal information. You want to be expressive without being too detailed.

Start with some personal interests that don’t relate with the job description, your motivation and education, and some fun facts about yourself. Example;

 ‘as a data analyst, I try to relax my mind as often as possible with XYZ as my favorite sport. Growing up I had a lot of puzzles for games, which have contributed to my introverted personality and in a way, developed my skills in analysis. While staying home can be boring for some, it helps me to distress and work hard at being the best analyst I can be.’

  1. Why should we hire you?

Here, the interviewer wants to know that you have the right qualifications and knowledge of your capabilities. Ensure that your response is concise and focused, think about it like a 1-minute pitch to sell yourself as the best candidate. Example;

‘You should hire me because my qualifications and experience align with the requirements for the position. I have XYZ years’ in active training for XYZ field, supported with education in XYZ. I’m well-versed in XYZ and over the years I have curated skills that make me excellent at XYZ’

  1. Where do you see yourself in xxx years?

The key point here is to establish your consistency in any given position. The interviewer will be focused on finding out if you are going to be a flighty employee as soon as a better opportunity comes up. In your response, make sure to reiterate your passion and commitment to the job. Example;

‘I strive for stability as it is the best way to ensure growth. In XXX years, with further training and hardwork, I see myself becoming a manager/consultant/XYZ, having proven myself to be qualified and experienced for the role.’

Make sure that your answer is realistic and honest.

  1. Why did you apply for this job?

This is where you establish your knowledge about the job and the company itself. Try to get as specific as you can about how you fit into the goals and mission of the company within the role that is advertised. Example;

‘Data has always been an exciting field for me. I have spent the last few years studying and mastering the art of analysis, because it truly is an art. XYZ Company is a leading company in the XYZ, and BYS, for data nationwide and I have followed the progress of your XYZ products for XYZ period of time. I believe that I will be a great asset to the BBB team as I am passionate about the job and my goals fit into the company’s mission.’

  1. Tell me about a time you…..

This is the point where the interviewer wants to establish your strength and management skill in a difficult situation. The best way to answer this is through the STAR technique. This means establishing the Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Example;

 ‘There was a XYZ situation and I had to ABC. To resolve this, I ZXY, and after a few XYZ period of time, I achieved XYZ’

The best approach to any interview, is absolute honesty. However, practice helps you to understand the questions better, and be more equipped to respond appropriately.