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How to answer the “Tell me about yourself question” during an interview

This is one of the first questions an interviewer would ask you during an interview process. As they say, first impressions matter; no matter how simple this question seems, it can make or break your case.

This question serves as a medium for the interviewer to ease through the process and it is expected that while you want to share enough about yourself, you should do so in a strategic manner that would enable the interviewer to recognize your skills and what you are interested in.

If you are worried about how to answer this question, relax and read on.

  1. Mention your past experiences and how it relates to the job you applied for

Here you talk about your background in the field you are applying for. The goal here is to mention the relevant experience and skills you have earned up till this point. List your skills, passions, and how it relates to the job. You can list some relevant volunteer work you have done and 1 or two courses that improved your skills significantly.

  1. Mention why you are interested and the experience you want to gain going forward

Here you mention why you applied for the job indirectly and point out your experience from your previous workplace, how you helped, and some lessons you gained. After mentioning them, you can state that these past experiences make you a better fit for this experience. You should also mention how you can add value to the company.

  1. Keep it professional

While you can mention some hobbies that are related to the job in a way like photography, art, and more, it is pertinent to note that the answers you give must be strictly professional. No one wants to know the high school you went to, your parent’s job, or a long story about how your first internship went. Keep it short and stick to the part that would impress the interviewer.

  1. Practice but don’t memorize

Make sure you practice these questions without cramming it so the answer comes out naturally. In a situation where you memorize all the answers, you might end up rambling and mixing up the answers. You can practice by writing it down and reading it aloud or practicing with the mirror or a friend.

Remember that no one wants to hear your personal story and the answer should be tailored to the job you are applying for. Keep your answer structured, brief  and answer confidently.