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How to ask for reviews from clients

Feedback is the secret ingredient to achieving success as a business. To find out what your clients think about your product/service, use this simple three-step guide.

  1. Build rapport

The best time to do this is during purchase or delivery of your product/service. Throw a little weight behind the usual, ‘Hope you enjoy XYZ’. Try not to come off too strong, or you might scare them away completely.

  1. Do a follow-up

Using information that is made available to you by the client, aka don’t go creeping around, reach out after a decent amount of time. You are simply trying to find out if they,  ‘…are enjoying XYZ, … are seeing results from XYZ, …not having problems with XYZ’. Don’t push too hard or they might close off and delete your contact.

  1. Give it time

The best way to ask for reviews from clients is by giving it time. You are confident about the standard of your product/service so let it show. They will come singing your praises.

Reviews are a great booster for your morale and business growth but don’t cave in to the pressure for proof that you text yourself with ‘reviews’. An easy way to get the response you need is to send a feedback template that your clients can fill and send back to you.