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How To Avoid Burning Out At Work

Working hard, but we hardly working…

There are moments when it seems like you are doing all the work mentally, with no evident results.

While this is mostly as a result of reduced productivity, the root cause is a feeling known as ‘Burn out’.

Just like a candle at the tail end of its thread, you are casting out very dim lit light and are in a burn out state. This is one of the worst ways to feel; at a complete loss of explanation for why you are so drained all the time, and an unwillingness to do your usual quota.

If your work environment is not healthy, it could pose serious problems for your personal and professional life. Better to avoid that negative scenario by avoiding a burn out right?

Here’s how to avoid burning out at work!

  1. Know your energy

Be very in tune with your body and mind so that you are alert when you are feeling down in any situation. Knowing your energy gives you the ground for pulling back when the pressure is getting to you or be clear about the amount of work you can do at any given time.

2. Identify your recharging system

After knowing your energy levels, the next step is to identify how to recharge when your energy level is low. This way, you are always at a good place with your energy and when it is running low you know who or where to run to get an energy refill.

3. Pace yourself

Keep a margin between your workload and energy level. Pace your stress levels and be sure to not exhaust yourself. Remember to do only as much as you can, at every time.

4. Protect your mental space

Your mental space is very important to avoid burning out. Take away external pressure and be at a positive spectrum of emotion, feelings and mood as much as you can.

5. Stay calm!

Nothing is too much to handle, if you are protecting your energy and pacing yourself. Stay calm!

You can avoid a burn out with some lifestyle changes, maximize your peace and see an increase in productivity.