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How to create a free blog

Blogging is an excellent way to get started and build a digital brand for yourself. You can create a free blog in a very short time on any of these websites.

  • WordPress

WordPress is a free hosting website that creates a home for your blog. You can design your home page, menu, and other icons on the website with the easy-to-follow steps and start blogging. For exclusive webname and link you can pay for premium. WordPress is really easy to set up and use, a preferred option for bloggers with its SEO plug-ins and other optimized features. You can check out some step-by-step setup tutorials on YouTube.

  • Blogger

This is another free-blog creation platform that is similar to WordPress. You can create a unique blog page with your brand logo, colors, and preferred test. Schedule and edit posts, and engage your readers with a great user interface. Blogger is preferred by some for the specific blog experience it offers to bloggers and readers.

Try them out, see which fits best, and start blogging!