First things first, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you are in a relationship, or sitting at home…LONELY, one thing is constant, you are going to spend some money today -either on your ‘ bae’ or on your ‘belly’.

It is important to always remember the rainy days; although, in Nigeria, it could start out as hot and turn rainy halfway. The point is, a safety net (umbrella) should always be available, and that’s your savings.

You can’t adopt a saving culture once, but you can start the process in gradual steps till it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Need to get started? Here you go!

1. Cut back on excesses

When you feel drawn to make some purchases, ask yourself, ‘do I really need this?’

If that answer is no, then it’s an excess you don’t need.

The more often you do this, the better you get at keeping money aside for more important things.

2. Create a budget

Budgets don’t just let you know how much you are spending, they also let you realize how much you DON’T need to spend so that you can have higher savings.

3. Choose a savings method

How would you prefer to keep money aside? A literal piggy bank container, automated savings or just randomly save in a dormant account.

The most important thing is to GET STARTED.

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