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How to Focus on a Friday!

Fridays are the ultimate best days of the week, NO CAP! But they can be really bad for productivity if you don’t focus while working or at school. Most of the thoughts we have during the day on Fridays are about getting home to relax or going out to get turnt, not about the actual workload of the day. And work must be done, so how do you focus on a Friday? Simple ‘GO OUT’, not literally.

G- Get into the right mindset for the day

You can prepare yourself for the day ahead on Thursday by running through the list of things you have to do the next day. That will keep you grounded, even as you go through each exciting thought of the weekend ahead.

O- Organize your to-do list

Work alongside your to-do list and be sure to cross off every thing you accomplish with a little positive reinforcement. This way your work or tasks go by smoothly and effectively.

O- Opt out of distractions

There may be an ongoing conversation on your friendship group chat or among your friendly co-workers but do not engage unless you are on a break, otherwise you get too into the Friday mood and lose your focus once again!

U- Use your time wisely

Working hard is important but working with a direction is more important. Maximize your time so that you won’t spend the weekend worrying about an error or an undone task.

T- Thank God It’s Friday

Finally, at closing hour you can confirm plans for happy hour and have a chilled weekend starting with your Friday night plans.