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Public speaking can be very terrifying for a lot of people. The courage and ability to face a large audience and actually deliver your content the right way takes a lot more than most people realize. However, that doesn’t mean you should be condemned to a life with absolutely no stage presence. Ready to deal with stage fright? Check out some tips below!

  • Practice ahead

Practice makes perfect is such an underrated statement because it is so true! When you practice enough, you become familiar with the words and actions, and the only thing that changes is the presence of other people in your audience. By practicing ahead, you become comfortable with the content that you are putting out on stage.

  • Focus on your content

The moment you get on that stage, it is very easy to get lost in the different faces and their expressions to your performance. However, the most important thing is to focus on your content. If you’ve practiced enough, you can easily find comfort in the familiarity with the content and distract yourself from the strangeness.

  • Connect to your audience

While they are your biggest obstacle, they can also be your biggest help. Connecting to your audience, while speaking or performing, helps you relax and reduce your levels of anxiety. You can try to find a familiar face, or a soft expression and just use that as a base. Another way to connect with your audience is to incorporate parts of your speech and acts into the type of audience you have, just to carry them along.

  • Avoid self-doubt

The number one problem that affects people with stage fright is self-doubt. If you are unsure about yourself and your capabilities, it is very easy to feel like everyone else thinks the same thing about you. Be confident in your content and yourself, and when you have this down, it is easy for every other person to reciprocate the confidence you feel in yourself.

  • Relax

Finally, learn to relax. While it may be difficult because of the fright and anxiety you feel. But you can relax! Just think of your pleasant place and draw positive energy from that thought, or listen to music that calms and makes you happy. All in all, just be sure to relax and have fun!

You can’t hide in the shadows forever, face your fears today!