Hire workers


One of the most exciting parts of the job-seeking process is being invited for an interview. Firstly, that means that your CV convinced them to take another look at you, and secondly, it means they are considering you for the position and you have to WOW the interviewer –with facts.

How do you prepare to do excellently at an interview? Simply whip out the REAL.

R- Research

The first step in preparing for an interview is doing your research. Carefully examine the job description, understand what will be expected of you within the job role, and prepare to answer questions accordingly. Also, make sure to research the company. Who the CEO is, why the company exists, what their mission and vision is. The purpose of your research should be to know key things about the company and then see how you can add value. Think within and outside the box.

E- Energy

It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical or online interview, energy is of essence. Be sure that you don’t come across as naïve or inexperienced, while making sure that you don’t seem arrogant. Basically, read the room. Assess the interviewer’s vibe and match it as best as you can.

A – Appearance

Your appearance says a thousand words about you, especially during an interviewer. Don’t do too much, don’t do too little. If the company has a social media page you can check out how their employees dress and adjust. Above all else, be sure to feel comfortable because that also affects your energy.

L- Language

Lastly, and equally important, is your tone and body language. Communication has more to do about how and where something is said, more than what is said. Practice your speech, make sure your words are delivered with confidence and knowledge. Your body language has to tally with your spoken words. Maintaining eye contact is also great.

Now that you know how to be REAL, go Ace the interview!