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How to stay motivated #Covid19

Working during the lockdown can take a huge dip into your mental health but it is very important to remain conscious and motivated!

While it may be stressful to pay attention to your energy while trying to beat deadlines, you need to maintain positive energy to avoid burning out.

How? Check out these tips!

  1. Focus on the present

Getting so caught up in your thoughts and constantly thinking about how things used to be and how they are going to be is very draining. Rather than spend that energy thinking about the things you cannot change, focus more on what you have control over.

With your focus on the present state of things, it is easier to be motivated and accomplish your set goals and deadlines. Don’t dwell on the past or long after the future, your motivation is always in where you are and what you can do.

2. Stay hydrated

It may not sound like much but, having a bottle of chilled water beside you while working is the ultimate hack to staying motivated. Water refreshes your brain and calms your mind, that way you retain your energy and still get things done.

Additionally, staying hydrated also makes you have more bathroom breaks which are excellent for stretching your legs and taking a breather away from work for a short while.

3. Avoid pressure

One of the easiest way to lose motivation is pressure. When you start feeling too anxious or worried about the outcome of something or the deadlines you have to meet, your mind loses focus of the present. Worrying becomes the forefront of your thought process and it can become a huge hindrance to your work and mood. Instead, do everything you can to avoid pressure.

Don’t talk about work when you don’t have to, work towards deadlines and not in fear of the time, and above all else, maintain a cool head.

4. Celebrate accomplishments

It really doesn’t matter how little a breakthrough is, you have to celebrate it to keep your morale high and flowing. If you write a report way before it’s due, do a little dance. If you complete a meeting without feeling tired or losing attention, have a cool drink.

Doing these little things give you a dose of positive energy, which is all you need to stay motivated!

5. Take breaks

Lastly, but very importantly, you have to take breaks. Sure, your schedule may seem impossible to handle and the sheer thought of stepping away may give you a headache. But you have to rest.

Take a walk around your apartment, do some high-knee jogs on a spot, or literally anything that will distract you for a few minutes. With a break in between, you get to feel energized and refocus on work.

You can stay motivated by controlling how you spend your energy. Maintain a positive mindset and you will realize that you are more capable of working efficiently.

Remember to maintain social distancing.