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How to Survive Detty December

December is a special month, duh. It’s the month of joy, love, giving, celebrations, empty pockets and packaging. Asides from being the last month of the year, (workers are usually super excited about that part), it also marks the birth of Jesus Christ.

Customers are especially gullible during this season and brands usually capitalize on this to drive sales. There a million parties, events and shows to attend. Most tempting of all are the jaw dropping discounts on purchases. I mean, where were all these discounts and offers 11 months ago?

Below are a few tips to help you through the special month of December:

  1. Write a Budget:

As old fashioned as the idea seems, it still works. Write out everything you need to buy including presents for friends and loved ones. Allocate a price and stick it on your wall or fridge. This will ensure you do not forget anyone on the gifts list and also keep track of how much money you are spending.

  • Decline Some Event Invitations:

There are weddings, engagement parties, office parties and a thousand concerts lined up on the calendar this month. Deciding which events to attend can be overwhelming in the swirling pool of invites. You cannot possibly attend all the parties in town this December. The wise choice would be to grace select events with your presence.

  • Spend Some Time Alone:

Take a day off social media and pamper yourself by getting the facial and massage you’ve been putting off all year long. Read that book you’ve had sitting on your shelf for months. The point is just to reconnect with yourself and most importantly, reflect on your priorities.

  • Spread Goodwill and Love:

Let’s not forget the most important part of the festive season – celebrating love and happiness. Spend time with loved ones, donate to a local charity and make a stranger smile.

Hopefully, these tips help you scale through December and January finds you happy.