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Job Application Tips – Employment History

Applying for jobs is a nervous journey that begins with your CV. The information provided in your cover letter, application, résumé, and most of ALL, the CV, have to be correct and factual. Most companies carry out a thorough verification process before or after calling you for interviews so if you are struggling with the call-back stage, you may want to check your CV and make sure your details are correct and true. How can your employment history be incorrect? Check out these errors and make sure to avoid them in your CV!

Name(s) of previous employment

The names provided in your CV have to be the correct format and spelling for your employment history. If there is an error here, your potential new employer may have trouble finding the organization/company, and that may deem the history as void. Be careful and double-check to make sure you use the official spelling and format when itemizing your employment history on your CV.

-Duration of employment

Another common error in this section of the CV is the duration of employment. The dates of employment and duration of the employment can be easily mixed up, which is why it is important to be very careful when filling in these details. If your potential employer contacts the old employer, the dates and duration have to tally.

-Roles held at previous employment

The last, and most important, detail on your employment history is the accuracy of your previous job descriptions. Some companies only seek out candidates who have experience in the same field, so be sure that your past employment history has the same or relative job description.

By paying attention to these little details, you could be securing your employment!

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