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Job Application Tips -JOB SEARCH RESOURCES

The job hunt is not a fun or glamorous period, but it could be easier with the right resources.

While there are tons of online pages dedicated to advertising job openings, you can go a lot further than social media. Here are a few other job search resources you can tap into for your next job title.

  • Google

Google has a cool feature that allows you to search for ‘Jobs in —- near me’ or ‘— Jobs near me’ when your location is on, and it simply pulls up pages advertising jobs within your vicinity. You can also include location and specification in your search ‘Part-time/full-time — Jobs in Lagos/Abuja/etc.’

  • Newspaper Ads

As cliché as it seems, you can look through newspaper ads, both in print and digital pages. There are some companies that put out ads in the newspaper, and the newspaper itself may have openings that are advertised. Besides, it won’t hurt to take a cursory glance at the job pages.

  • Joining online forums

There are some forums and group chats where job openings are posted and you can directly get in contact with someone who is hiring. Ask around and you’ll find an available forum to join. You can also visit companies’ websites as some of them post their job openings on their sites alone. That way, you don’t miss out!

  • References

Most people choose not to announce their job search to family and close ones for personal reasons but, if you are not against sharing, they could be of great assistance. Let them know your interested areas and they will be able to send you openings or refer you if asked.

  • Reaching out to hiring managers

You can also take matters into your hands by reaching out to hiring managers through LinkedIn or their Email addresses (if made public). Let them know your basic information, certifications, and other necessary credentials. With that, you may cross their mind when next they have an opening in your area of specialization or interest.  

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