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SabiForce is a team of exceptional sales agents who help onboard merchants onto the SPACES Super App while enabling the use of its services.

Members of the SABIFORCE are on the field as brand ambassadors for Sabi, marketing Sabi & its products, onboarding new customers on Sabi and are the first level response to customer issues.

As a Sabiforce member, your utmost responsibility are your merchants, you are responsible for each and every one of them.

A Salesforce Agent Is A Representative Of Spaces And They Play A Vital Role In Ensuring The Set Tasked Are Achieved.

●You Are To Onboard Merchants On The Spaces Super App.
●You Are To Ensure They Understand And See How It Benefits Their Business And All The Different Ways They Can Earn From The App As This Is The Only Way To Ensure They Use The App.
●You Are To Stay In Touch With Every Merchants You Onboard As You Are Responsible For Each One Of Them.

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