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Billing and Internal Dashboard engineer
We’re seeking an engineer who will work on two core areas of our system: billing automation and internal dashboard. The internal dashboard is designed to help our Customer Success team by automating various common aspects of their job – which is, of course, making customers happy! We use Stripe (via API) for billing and WordPress for internal dashboard architecture.

In this position, you will be working directly with payment system APIs (including, but not limited to, Stripe. We depend on these APIs to power our recurring billing as well as some other non-trivial mechanics. You will be helping to bring our billing system and internal management processes to the next level. For a Customer Success team dashboard, you will have to work with complex data aggregations from various databases and APIs, as well as automating certain actions which Customer Success team is currently does manually. You will also be responsible for building UI for internal dashboards (React + MUI).

Ultimately, a natural way to evolve from this position would be building a system-wide data lake which would aggregate all the data we have in one place, and would thus be capable of answering questions from various departments within the business (like “what’s a conversion rate for customers those who had at least 5 alerts trigger during their trial vs all the rest of customers”).

Skills and requirements:
Experience with PHP7+
Experience working with Stripe API  (recurring billing, in particular)
Experience working with WordPress (in particular, the development and implementation of WordPress plugins)
Decent experience with raw SQL (such as MySQL)
Experience using PHPUnit
Bonus points for the following skills (which are not required, but highly desired.):
Experience designing and deploying databases (tables + indexes) would be a huge bonus.
Having production-grade experience with PayPal API via PHP
Being capable of writing Dockerfiles
Experience implementing UI in React (preferably with the MUI library)

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