Pneuma Writing Services

Job Summary
Pneuma is a leading faith-based content development company in Nigeria. Our ideal content writer possesses a passion for writing and an innovative ability to create successful marketing campaigns and contribute to company growth. He is responsible for creating exciting and compelling stories across certain genres, and manages a team of writers.

Minimum Qualification:HND
Experience Level:Entry level
Experience Length:1 year

Assess customers’ needs and provide research-based information on service features.
Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent written content.
Engage clients and address their needs.
Provide content for articles and blogs
Coordinate a team of writers
Edit contents for social media marketing campaigns and emails campaigns
Write excellently well on almost any subject.
Update client information sheet and back-end project schedule from start to finish.
Other related activities and assignments as assigned by the supervisor.

HND/Bachelor’s degree
Experience in project management
Substantial Digital intelligence
Excellent editing skills
Experienced in writing and content supervision
Good knowledge of scriptures.
Able to write in the American Style
Location: The job is remote, but if the applicant is willing to work onsite, accommodation will be provided with an uninterrupted power supply

Remuneration: NGN 2,000 – 10,000 per 1000 words.

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