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Website ZSA

React, specifically Gatsby
Integration testing with Cypress
CSS (Sass and/or Styled Components)
Rigorously QAing your own work
Asking good questions
What’s good about this job
You will be primarily responsible for This is a custom-built eCommerce site (Gatsby, with Shopify’s storefront API). Shopify has featured it in several keynote presentations alongside brands like Allbirds.
Because we’re so small, your work is going to make a big difference. We don’t have a QA tester — you will QA your own work. That’s why attention to detail is so important.
Things we don’t do:
We don’t have daily standups. We have meetings when we need them.
We don’t do any sort of invasive employee monitoring like time or activity tracking.
We don’t have investors, so we only think about our customers in everything we do, not about “shareholders”.
We don’t obsess over analytics and funnels. We talk to real people and value qualitative feedback to guide our work.
Things we do:
Trust the team.
Work together. Collaboration is tight, over text (Telegram is our platform of choice).
Specify work accurately, ahead of time, with high-fidelity mockups in Figma and well-defined written work items.
Have clear acceptance criteria (“definition of done”).
Review every PR.
How the hiring process works
If this role sounds interesting, please fill out our questionnaire, linked below. Please do not email me a resume.
If you seem like a good fit, I will reach out (me, personally — not some HR person or a hiring team). Then we’ll have a call.
If after the call we both want to proceed, you will do a short, paid test project (two weeks).
If after the test project we’re both still happy, you will begin a fully paid trial period. This is two months with ZSA, working with the whole team, drawing full pay, doing real work. If after the trial period we’re all happy, you will become a full-fledged member of ZSA. Once that happens, turnover is typically exceedingly low — people tend to stay and grow with us for years.
Pay for the role
ZSA is a small, bootstrapped Canadian company, and this is a full-time contractor position. It pays $5,000 USD per month. You get unlimited paid time off, as well as some very good hardware (over time, as you work).


To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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