Minimum of SSCE qualification
Working knowledge of the industry and market conditions.
Strong understanding of procurement and negotiation techniques.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
Able to go to any location to meet suppliers and work overtime as required.
Strong attention to detail

Job Role
Responsible for scouring their designated market—for high-quality, locally sourced food from small suppliers and bringing it to area stores.
Track all orders and ensure timely delivery.
develops new buying relationships with suppliers, farmers and artisans across all product categories.
Reconcile all orders from purchase- delivery information – GRN within 12 hours of delivery.
Coordinate your team to procure and deliver all orders on time.
Manage all Foragers assigned to you.
Prepare reports on purchase and delivery for the week.
Maintain good supplier relationships and update supplier information.

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