Stebuk Academy

Head teacher
We are looking for a head teacher at Stebuk to serve the academy’s management team. To oversee the administrative operations at the academy. He/She will typically build operational duties and strategies that will keep the Academy functioning smoothly.

• Design and update school’s aims and objectives and implement policies.
• Ensure policies and practices consider national, local and school inspection research findings.
• Supervise and evaluate school policy effects and take action where necessary.
• Develop creative and responsive approaches to teaching and learning.
• Engage self-learning by ensuring a culture and ethos of support and challenge.
• Exhibit and express high expectations and establish community targets.
• Assess, organize and execute flexible curriculum and effective assessment framework.
• Strategize development of emerging technologies to extend learning experience.
• Plan, support and assess individuals and teams’ work to ensure task delegation.
• Ensure a reasonable teacher-staff school work balance.
• Sustain staff performance management effective systems and incorporate teachers’ appraisals and targets for School’s achievement.

• 3+ years teaching experience and knowledge
• Minimum of B.Sc.Ed in an Administrative course or any related field/
• Good leadership skills.
• Excellent time management abilities.
• Being approachable to parents, staff, and pupils.
• Great interpersonal skills.
• Being organised.
• Effective communication skills.
• Having the ability to be firm when necessary.

To apply for this job email your details to