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Life on campus can be summed to one word –drama.

Most students have now perfected the art of surviving, using as little intensity as they can –with the exception of some very serious cases.

What’s the #lifeoncampus foolproof plan for crisis?

Last last, we go dey alright!

It is the mantra that gets most students through bad days, terrible results, unyielding projects and breakups too!

If you can’t relate to the magic of ‘Last last, we go dey alright’,

Check out some of these scenarios where it is applicable!

  • Results are out… rumors are flying

It’s the end of exams, you can finally relax (in peace, if you were doing it with guilt before).

Next thing, your phone is blazing with messages,

‘Results for XYZ315 are out’

‘Omo, everyone banged ZYX207’

…and you can’t seem to breathe right anymore.

Then you remember there’s only one life and you can’t kill yourself with tension before you see the results!

So you shrug and say, ‘Last last, we go dey alright’ and continue living your (best) life.

  • You shot your shot… he/she dodged

He/she is the PYT (pretty young thing) on your timeline.

You’ve been thinking and decided to go for it, afterall YOLO.

You send a smooth sliding message,

‘Oops, how did I get here?’

‘Damn, I must have slipped on your beauty/finesse’

Then they reply,

‘Cute attempt… but, I’m uninterested’

Or they don’t reply!

You deal with the sting for a few minutes, remember you are a spec and say to yourself,

‘Last last, we go dey alright’.

  • Attendance is mandatory… you got locked out of the class

Lecturer takes attendance before class starts.

You get there 30 minutes after class started.

Lecturer has locked the door.

You can’t get in, You can’t sign attendance, You can’t stand outside.

So you turn back smoothly, shrug and say,

‘Last last, we go dey alright’.

  • Exam questions… none of them make sense

You’ve read and read.

You enter the examination hall with full confidence.

You collect the question paper and grab your pen firmer.


None of the questions make any sense, nothing from your course outline and materials are there!

Well, you are already in and there’s nothing to be done about it at this point.

‘Last last, we go dey alright’.

  • Repeatedly ‘slyed’ by friends

Plans to go see a movies? ‘Oh sorry, something came up!’

Next day, they post an outing that looks like fun and guess what? You aren’t in the picture!

They are now certified slies. Repeatedly cancelling plans with you and making plans without you.

What can you do? Almost nothing, without sounding like a kid that is.

So you take yourself out, apply ‘Last last, we go dey alright’ and continue living your (best) life.

  • Surprise break-up
breakup text image

Both of you are everything beautiful about #couplegoals.

Out of literally nowhere, ‘we need to break up’.

You’re taken aback, you didn’t prepare for this.

You spend a few days, weeks or months, processing and trying to deal.

At the end of the day, you realize it’s their loss and  ‘Last last, we go dey alright’.


in as much as your university days are some of the most memorable times of your life, it can also be really overwhelming.

Take everything with a grain of salt and look out for your peace and happiness first!


Last last, everything and everybody go dey alright.