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A post on social media quipped that the days of the week have now become; Saturday, Saturday Pro, Saturday X Max, Sunday, Sunday Pro, Sunday Pro Max, and Sunday X Max, and we couldn’t agree more.

Being on Lockdown has muddled a lot of things. From the days of the week, the concept of time, diet, and even sleep cycles.

We understand that the Lockdown routine has become wake-eat-work-sleep-repeat, but some hacks can make this period more bearable for you! Check them out below.

1. Know the routine  

It is so easy to get lost in the mud of ‘what to do today, how to be engaged today’ thoughts. A better way to get through this lockdown is to have a basic routine and keep to it. You can make it as simple as starting your day by washing your hands and swiping down on surfaces with antiseptics.

That way, when you wake up, you are not caught in the loop of thoughts just to find yourself on social media that early. Getting active earlier in the day sets a pace for how the rest of your day will be and increases your energy for being productive.

2. Work out

Another great lockdown hack, which is also excellent for setting a routine, is working out at least daily. When you work out at the beginning or end of your day, it refreshes your mind and body in the best ways. As an extra benefit, being dedicated to your work out means you will be coming out of the lockdown being fit!

3. Prep your meals

Food is usually the first option to get your mind off things, especially if you have the assurance of intense exercise to pay for all you eat. During this lockdown, rationing is very important (unless you have an excess of savings to keep you ballin’ through it all).

An interesting way to keep yourself busy during the lockdown is prepping your meals. Most local markets are not functioning right now and grocery stores open at particular times only, as a result it is important to know when and where you can get foodstuffs.

Prepping your meals before market day helps you to know exactly what you are going to get and exactly how you are going to use the haul before you have to go to the market again. Talk about killing a flock with just one stone!

4. Get crafty

Being productive can sound like a herculean task when all you want to do is sleep, eat and repeat, but there are fun ways to go about it. Get on Pinterest or use the familiar Google to find easy-to-do DIY projects that don’t require a lot of materials.

You can design funky wallpapers, a new lampshade or a hundred other projects with stuff you have laying around the house –just get crafty!

5. Make plans

Thinking about the present situation can make you very tired, but thinking about the future brings a rush of hope.

While we are still at home, with no guaranteed end in sight, you can make plans for what you want to do when it is all over. That way, for every tiring day, there is something to look forward to at the end.

See? You don’t have to suffer through Saturday max and Sunday Pro max endlessly.

Get busy with something and hack the lockdown with a hat trick! (Terrible pun)

Remember to maintain social distance!

Stay at home, wash your hands, and stay safe!

Take social responsibility #flattenthecurve