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Lola Omolola #WCW

Journalist and founder of Female IN, Lola Omolola, is our superhero woman crush this week.

Most social media users maximize these platforms for personal benefits but our WCW stands out. Lola used Facebook to reach out to women and create a safe space for them –online!

Lola Omolola grew up in Nigeria before travelling to Chicago to continue her education, becoming one of many Nigerians in diaspora. However, she was still vested in the social situation back in Nigeria, especially with the terrorism and insurgency in several parts of the country.

In 2014, she was stirred and spurred, and she made the decision to create a private Facebook page where Nigerian women (including those in Diaspora like her and later, women across the world), could share their worries, wins, and everything in between.

The page, which was then known as Female In Nigeria before being renamed and abbreviated as FIN, became a hit among the female population and target audience. It currently has over a million members who support each other and act as resource channels.

Lola Omolola’s efforts and hardwork are recognized globally and she has become a lighthouse for female empowerment.

We Stan!