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Maya Horgan Famodu #WCW

Meet our woman crush for the week, Tech founder and entrepreneur, Maya Horgan Famodu.

Maya’s focus on driving growth and development in Sub-saharan Africa is largely driven towards promoting entrepreneurship in Sub-saharan Africa.

To support this, she started Ingressive Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed-stage businesses. Her company backs African Tech and encourages corporate, venture capitalists to conduct business while successfully navigating the African space.

Ingressive Capital has an impressive portfolio that includes Paystack, Tizeti, Jetstream, 54gene, OZÉ, Bamboo and many more astoundingly successful start-ups.

Maya’s journey to founding Ingressive Capital wasn’t smooth but she made sure it was worth it and they are recognized internationally for the positive contribution towards Tech and development in Africa.

We Stan an innovative leader!