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Our MCM this week is a 27-year old CEO and cofounder who built the world’s first gaming robot.

Born in Nigeria, Silas Adekunle moved to the UK when he was 11 years old, and he took his childhood obsession in science and technology with him. As a young child in Nigeria, he spent a lot of time hanging out with neighbors who fixed radios and other electronics for a living, and he picked up the basics.

After moving to the UK with his family, he continued to show an interest in technology, and at one point he got into trouble for trying to hack into the school computers. When he got into college, he focused on robotics, and he worked on a prototype while in his college dorm in Bristol, UK.

In 2013, Silas Adekunle met Christopher Beck and John Rees, and the three of them co-founded Reach Robotics in that same year. They took Adekunle’s robot prototype and developed it into what became MekaMon over the next few years.

Apple executives were so impressed that they signed an exclusive distribution deal with Reach Robotics in 2017 and now, these gaming robots designed and developed by Silas Adekunle are sold at about $250 per unit. His story is one of passion and commitment that is backed up by creativity. We stan a true trailblazer!