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We provide on-demand workforce across Nigeria. An easily deployable solution for nationwide market research,  data collection, customer acquisition, activations and financial inclusion.

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Affiliate Marketing

We help brands sell their products and reach customers using our affiliate network fuelled by thousands of real everyday users spreading brand/product messaging to generate sales

Data Collection

We help businesses and government organisations conduct registrations, enrolment, biometric data capture, meet KYC regulations and census

Market Research

We help our clients grow by acquiring real and accurate data which provides consumer insights from real people through field & online surveys, site visits, mystery shopping and more

Financial Inclusion

We help financial institutions bring financial services closer to the underserved populace serving as agent network managers/aggregators to on board fixed and mobile agents

Product Distribution

We help our clients get their products to customers by providing a distribution network/channel across the country. We provide product distribution services

Experiential Marketing

We help brands interact directly with customers, acquire new customers and create experiences with customers through field marketing, product demonstrations and activations

How it works

Mobile Field Workforce

Our mobile field agent network is a job creation initiative to address the level of youth unemployment in Nigeria while helping private and government organisations reach and engage the populace

Give us a brief

Give us a brief, tell us where and when, we'll activate our network accordingly....

Technology Platform

We work with a number of big data and blockchain technology solution providers to provide a digital platform to allow you remotely monitor and track field operations, receive real time data, insights and analytics.

We Deliver

Whether it's data, customers, market research or financial services, you'll have real time access to all field operations. We operate a success related fee, you only pay for value!

Quick Jobs: Additional services

Our on demand workforce can also be used to serve your short term and immediate needs, we provide the following;

Event Staffing

Provision of on demand event staff and crew to fit your budget

Product Activations

Provision of on demand product activation agents to fit your budget

Errand Services

Provision of on demand errand agents to fit your budget

Flyer Distribution

Provision of on demand flyer distributors to fit your budget


Provision of on demand delivery agents to fit your budget

Temp Staffing

Provision of on demand temporary staff to fit your budget

What we do

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In an emerging economy, we work with private and government organisations to address the issues of digitalisation, data collection, customer acquisition, sales, distribution, collections, marketing and market research.

We help businesses grow, acquire real data and engage with customers seamlessly with our on-demand mobile workforce. 

We help government organisations and NGOs reach the populace, acquire accurate data and deliver solutions nationwide.

Fixed Agents

Fixed Agents have stores/shops where customers recognize and visit to conduct business

Mobile Agents

Mobile/Roving Agents are field agents who aren’t confined to a single location and visit customers at their various locations as required

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