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Lagos is a city that has aged well with excellence. Starting off its history as the colonial-base of the country, highlight of industrialization, the first federal capital and of course, a bustling city in all the way that matters, it is almost a surety that there are buildings to correlate this history.

Check out some of the oldest buildings in Lagos.

The First European Storey Building in Nigeria

Built in 1845, by Reverend Henry Townsend of the Anglican, Church Mission Society (CMS), this building situated at Badagry, Marina, is the first upper level building in Nigeria.

Despite its nearly 200 years of existence, it still stands tall on the outside, and some of the initial building materials for the inside are still in good condition.

St. George’s Hall

Located on Broad street, like most historic buildings, this architectural beauty was constructed in 1907 for political purposes -housing for a colonial leader.

However, 100+ years later, it is now the location for the St. George’s Lodge No. 3065 of the global Freemason Order.

Jaekel House

Another colonial building, this two-storey mansion is located in the Nigerian Railway Corporation compound at Ebute-Metta and was built in 1898.

Although it has since been restored, it still boasts of the original English Architecture and sits on a large expanse of land as a railway museum and photo gallery.

Independence House

Commissioned by the British government to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence in 1960, this 25-storey office building is situated west of  Tafawa Balewa Square, Onikan Lagos.

Water House

Almost every Lagosian has heard the name ‘Da Rocha’ being used in reference to wealth. Well, this building on the ever-bustling Kakawa Street, Lagos Island, is the house that was built by Nigeria’s first millionaire, Candido Da Rocha .

With its Brazilian architectural design, it earned the name ‘water house’ because water was initially sold there. It is one of the few buildings, which are still standing, that pay reference to the era of slavery.