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Outdated Resume Signs; Things to Remove From Your Resume

In today’s job market, an outdated resume can be an obstacle that stops you from getting your dream job. While you are focused on inputting all the right information and points that show how skilled you are, you might just be adding information that is not as important as you think it is. For you to get that dream job you want with your resume, every element of your resume must be carefully written and arranged if you hope to capture the attention of your target audience and demonstrate your capabilities.

To help you stay updated on what you don’t need in your trend and the new resume trend, I would be highlighting several things you need to remove in your resume ASAP!!!

  1. Career Objective:

A career objective used to be the first thing you see in a resume and would describe your career goals to potential employers. But the thing is employers are already aware of your goal, which is to land a job in a growing company where you can apply your skills. Anyone can write one and it does not really add any real value to your CV. Instead of writing an objective, an executive or professional summary that showcases your value and tells them why they need it in their company.

  1. Irrelevant or Unrelated Hobbies and Interests:

You should omit hobbies and interests that have no direct correlation with the job you are applying for. No one needs to know that you regularly participate in cooking contests when you are applying for an accounting job. Only include them if you believe they support your brand’s and message’s overall professionalism. 

  1. Big Words:

Instead of using big words in every part of your resume to show how well you know the English language, it is better to use simple and conversational words. There is no need to write “analogous” when you can easily write “similar”

  1. Unnecessary Formatting:

Resumes are usually boring to look at but adding some formatting and some colours can make them look interesting. However, unnecessary formatting can make it chaotic. Only add fonts that humans and the applicant tracking system(ATS) can read. Most companies now use the ATS to scan resumes and the ATS cannot read through columns, graphs, and some types of fonts. 

  1. Unimportant Jobs

Your resume does not have to contain every job you have ever done especially if it is an old job. Unless you did something very important or groundbreaking in your entry-level job or jobs from 10 years back, you don’t have to add them. Consider what you performed or accomplished in each previous position that will be necessary for the next role you are applying for. 

  1. References Should Only be Provided if Requested.

There is no need to include references in your resume as reference requests are usually made at the end of the interview process. Recruiters also hate it when a resume states that references are available upon request. 

Writing and editing a resume is not exactly an easy task; you need to pay attention to all the details no matter how small it is. By removing the six things mentioned above from your resume, you would be closer to getting that dream job.