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We work with companies to design and execute integrated marketing communications and branding materials by outsourcing jobs and requests to our partners. As a partner, you will be tasked with completing jobs and projects we receive from our customers
  • Maintain thorough knowledge of Student Hub projects, as well as a core understanding of duties and responsibilities
  • Complete, monitor, coordinate, and deliver objectives of assigned projects to clients
  • Collect, analyse, and utilize data and feedback from clients to provide weekly reports
  • Ensure timely delivery of jobs or orders to clients
  • Develop and foster relationships with clients as professionally approved 
  • Proactively solve conflicts and address issues that could occur within assignements
  • Promptly respond to incidents and other events as necessary
  • Regular jobs, projects and assignments
  • Access to business clients and partners
  • Official brand affiliation
  • Scheduled trainings
  • Technical support
  • Project management
  • Ample marketing support to ensure regular job requests
  • Timely revenue payouts

Outsourcing Partners serve as independent contractors of Studenthubng. As a partner, you are to ensure that you deliver assigned projects in a timely and professional manner



The most important factor in freelancing is communication, as a partner you must be able to clearly and promptly communicate with us and clients using proper channels and tools. We’ll help you set up the required tools to ensure you’re well equipped


For easy communication with clients and Studenthub

MS Office

For data, lists and report preparation and delivery


For corporate communications and job deliveries


For service delivery, communication and management

Web Design & Mgt

We design single and multi-page websites for individuals and businesses.

Graphic Design

Subscribe to one of our monthly plan to get regular designs on schedule. It's economical​

Social Media Management

We manage and grow social media accounts using social media and promotional strategies ​

Content Creation

We have a pool of content providers to deliver content for any project you are working on​

Video Production

We create and edit professional videos and adverts for brands and individuals​

Campaigns & Promotions

We deliver full campaigns and promotions, from concept creation through to campaign delivery​

Who Can be a partner?

Partners can be any of the following:

Graphic Designers

Web Developers

Social Media Managers

Digital Marketers



Content Creators

SEO Specialists





Revenue sharing model: Up to 70% of project revenue

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