How to Answer “ Describe a Challenge you Have Overcome”.

At any stage in an interview, the interviewer would probably ask questions like “What challenges or obstacles have you overcome?”,  Tell me about a time you were faced with a challenge and had to overcome it or, “What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your career?”. The reason most interviewers ask this question is […]

How to answer the “Tell me about yourself question” during an interview

This is one of the first questions an interviewer would ask you during an interview process. As they say, first impressions matter; no matter how simple this question seems, it can make or break your case. This question serves as a medium for the interviewer to ease through the process and it is expected that […]

How to Provide Constructive Feedback to Encourage Employee Development.

Providing feedback about a person’s performance on a task is one essential way of communicating at work. It is important to let your employees know how they are progressing so far and the changes that need to be made; this is part of assisting their professional growth and development in the workplace. As an employer […]

Benefits of workplace mentorship.

In recent years, according to Balance careers employee satisfaction at work has decreased significantly. This shows that more work needs to be done in finding the right ways to develop and engage in processes that would have a positive effect on your employees. One of the ways to ensure maximum satisfaction of your employees is […]

Best Websites to Find Remote Jobs.

If you are looking to stay home while working to avoid Lagos traffic shenanigans or traffic where you live, the best thing is to look for a remote job that suits you. COVID 19 has opened our eyes to remote working where you have access to several benefits including the time to create a flexible […]

How to onboard new employees.

Employee onboarding is an important process for them to get familiar with a company’s practices, guidelines, and most importantly, the company’s work culture. The key to retaining employees and maintaining a successful relationship with them is through proper onboarding. If a new employee has a bad experience from the beginning and does not understand half […]

How to write an entry level resume

Applying for an internship or a full time job for the first time can be nerve wracking; not to mention the fact that you need a resume even though yoy are just starting your career. I know it is funny to think you need a resume to apply for a job when you have no experience. You […]

Important Tips for Recruiting Interns to Your Company

The career paths for most people start with an internship which offers mutual benefits for both the student or graduate and the company. It offers interns exposure to a professional setting and an opportunity to build their prospects.   Internships are also beneficial to businesses as they need to attract top talent and a chance to […]

How to Answer, “What Can You Bring to This Company?” 

In any interview process, the employers would want to know how you can add value to the job description. This question is to confirm that you’re confident in your skills, to know what you think your strengths are, and to hear how you want to contribute to the success of the company  if hired. Basically, […]

5 Popular Team Communication Tools

The recent change in the workplace system brings a different approach to how team communication works. Workplace integrity starts with the people in the workplace and the culture that encourages candid feedback and transparency. However, this needs to be facilitated by constant and open communication between all the employees. An effective medium of communication for […]