Hire workers


One of the final questions an interviewer asks is “do you have any questions for me?”

Many people make the mistake of saying no which makes them look uninterested in the job.

Always remember that an interview is not only an avenue for you to prove yourself; you should also take steps to assess the interviewer to see if the company is the right fit for you. 

Try to come up with at least three questions before the interview and note it down.

Below is a list of suggested questions you can ask your interviewer;

  1. Ask Questions about the duties and responsibilities required of the role you applied for:
  • Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of the role?
  • What types of skills is the team missing that you’re looking to fill with a new hire?
  • Do you expect the main responsibilities for this position to change in the next six months to a year?
  • Is this a new role that has been created?
  • What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?
  1. Questions about workplace culture
  • What’s your least favorite part of working here?
  • How would you describe the work environment here—is the work typically collaborative or more independent?
  • What’s different about working here than anywhere else you’ve worked?
  • What’s your favorite office tradition?
  1. Questions to ask the Interviewer about their experience:
  • What’s your favorite part about working here?
  • Has your role changed since you’ve been here?
  1. Questions to ask about the company’s mission
  • What are the current goals that the company is focused on, and how does this team work to support hitting those goals?
  • What are the company’s plans for growth and development?

Always remember that you should not ask yes or no questions. Always ask questions to show your interest and find out information that will assist you to make a good decision.