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Salary Questions Employers Should Be Prepared to Answer

Many people are now more aware about their salary expectations for a particular role. In order not to be caught off guard, employees now expect transparency about their salary and may renegotiate their contract when they know they deserve more.

Here are some salary questions an employer should expect from their employees:

  1. Am I being paid fairly?

Anyone’s reply to this question would immediately be to say yes. However, this question is more than a yes question. Employees now have the means to know how much they are to be paid for a particular role especially when they know how well the company is faring. If they are underpaid, it’s best you should let them know and if you think they are being paid fairly, you should support it with evidence.

  1. How is my salary determined?

Information about salary payment is now more transparent than ever. A company’s salary model should not be sketchy and should follow the appropriate requirements and be based on factors such as seniority level, skill set, title and so on. You should always reply that there is a salary range for each position and you offer them a salary based on the factors listed above while considering the salary range.

  1. Can I have a salary raise?

The answer to this would depend on the employee’s performance and growth. If the employee has a fast track record, then it is fair to grant their raise request. However, if the employee has not been performing well it is best to let them know and suggest ways they can improve themself. This is why companies need to provide career growth opportunities for their employees.

  1. Why don’t I make as much money as my coworker or teammate?

Some employees might become upset if they find out that they are earning less than their coworkers, especially if their line of work is in the same field. You can see up a discussion on salary negotiations and let them know if any adjustments should be made. It’s also crucial to point out that just because they are in the same position does not mean they should have the same salary as they may have different backgrounds and skill sets.

Having salary conversations can be pretty hard but it’s important to have that conversation to set a good example and ensure that there is transparency in the workplace.