Top android mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung, have unveiled their latest phone series, the Samsung Galaxy S20.

The sleek beauty comes in three variations; S20, Ultra and Plus.

Called ’20’ for the year it was released, 2020, this phone seeks to set a new benchmark for competition.

It has a 100x zoom camera which is capable of capturing 108-megapixel photos. The “Single Take” mode is sure to be a favorite as it allows the user to capture 10 photos and four videos with the push of one button.

The phone also integrates two forms of 5G function, Sub 6 (standard) and millimeter-wave (super fast).

Videos can be recorded in 8K and the battery capacity is at 5, 000 mAh with a 25-watt fast charger in the box.

Pretty exciting right?

The S20 series is currently available for pre-order between $,1000 – $1,500.

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