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Being on a job hunt is, in more ways than one, like running through an obstacle course. If you are a jobseeker, you can definitely relate to this scenario.

You have been submitting your CV to different companies. You saw an advertised role that perfectly fit your education/experience so you applied. A few days later there is no call back, no email, not even a rejection mail

Then you start asking the question, “What am I doing wrong?”

Sometimes, the problem isn’t from you, but it is better to be safe than sorry right?

The thing is, there are several young professionals and graduates who share this same experience for one simple reason –their CV was not properly structured.

Submitting your CV is like sending a personal selfie image to your employer; it is the closest representation of your personality and capabilities.

If the structure and content of your CV isn’t right or appealing, it won’t encourage the potential employer to reach out for an interview with you. Think of it as posting a bad selfie on social media, no one will like that photo, and if the person-in-charge of screening applications doesn’t like your CV then it could be the reason behind the radio silence.

Now that we have established the actual problem -structure of the CV- we can explore the key areas that should be modified for better results, and eventually, gainful employment!

  • Length

The biggest issue with an unstructured CV is the length. When you are putting the details of your CV together, avoid making it lengthy so you don’t bore the reader. Remember, it isn’t a resume so you only need facts.

Make sure that your CV is as concise as possible and place focus on the important info alone!

  • Eligibility

The most defining part of a CV for any job applicant is how eligible you are for the advertised role. If the educational background or field experience you have doesn’t fit in line with the job position, you may not be considered. Make sure your experience is in line with the job position and be as sincere as possible. Be sure that whatever is on your CV is something you can defend!

While these two are excellent starting points, you can submit an impeccable CV by enlisting our writing services. Send us a mail at info@studenthubng or a direct message to our social media pages for the best CV structure that is bound to get your results –and the job!