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It is only in Lagos that people who are walking also get stuck in traffic. Commuting in Lagos can be similar to surviving a maze. It takes so much of your time, and at the end you feel like you’ve just fought a battle.

We care about your well-being, and we are aware that being stuck in traffic is very frustrating, so here are our tips for surviving lagos traffic!

-A Kick-ass playlist!

The best way to escape the traffic, when you consider that Okada has been banned, is to listen to some good music. You can create your ‘traffic playlist’ or get a great vibes playlist and listen to music to pass the time.

-Menu, Menu aka Gala and a drink

Are you even a Lagosian, if you haven’t eaten gala while stuck in traffic? The amazing combo of gala with any drink is sure to help you make the best of the gruelling traffic in the beautiful city of Lagos.

-Social media/A book

Getting engaged in other interesting activities can surely make the time spent on the road fly by faster. Hop on a social media trend and read the entertaining tweets or finish a book (hardcover or pdf) that you’ve been reading since forever. Chances are, by the time you’ll either have moved 5feet, or be close to your destination.


If there’s nothing exciting to keep your mind off the traffic you can use your phone as a distraction in other ways. Text and catch up with your contacts or finish a couple of levels on your favorite mobile game.

-Forced to converse

Lastly, and most dreaded, an alternative survival technique against the woes of being stuck in traffic is having to make conversation with other passengers. The traffic itself can be your ice breaker, and who knows, you just might meet your ‘God When’ (slim chances but never say never right?)

There you go! Now you can say you have had the full lasgidi experience!