How to ask for reviews from clients

Feedback is the secret ingredient to achieving success as a business. To find out what your clients think about your product/service, use this simple three-step guide. Build rapport The best time to do this is during purchase or delivery of your product/service. Throw a little weight behind the usual, ‘Hope you enjoy XYZ’. Try not […]

Create a marketing strategy #BusinessTips

Marketing is the biggest contribution to your business’ growth. And it all depends on the strategy you apply.  A marketing strategy helps you to direct your ads and campaigns through the right media channels, to the right audience. It is effective in helping you measure the effort you put in, and how it affects your […]

Business Tips #2 – Put In Your Best Effort

Success is not a fantasy, especially in business. This is primarily due to the fact that business runs on functions and tractions so you can grow! Now, unlocking the growth of your business is the first and most important step to success. One of the best ways to grow, is by putting in your best […]


The skills required for Graphic design have gone way beyond putting words together and adding a business logo. As a business owner you need to reach out to your audience using graphic designs. You need to pass a message across and prompt people to take desired actions with the right aesthetics in design. What makes […]

Business Tips #1 -Understand Your Target Market

Running a business can be a scary, scary deal. Knowing your way around the business world takes off a great chunk of that fear. One of the first things to know is that, you can’t run a successful business without knowing your target market. How do you do this? By answering a few questions. -What […]

How to write a Business Plan

A business plan is a clearly outlined description of your ideas, projections, and objectives. It could be a profile for your business or as a document needed in the application for proposals. It is important to provide accurate, factual, and engaging information in your business plan. The question is, how? Check it out below. Do […]

10 Recession-Proof Businesses #COVID-19

The global economy has experienced one of the worst adverse effects of the ongoing pandemic; with international markets shutting down as the world struggles to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, while we await the discovery of a vaccine. While an economic recession seems almost inevitable as things stand, some businesses will still thrive despite […]


The increasing number of online businesses has created a trend where every business owner wants an online outlet. While it is truly exciting and highly profitable to have an online business, knowing how to start right and maintain consistency is what defines a successful online business. Anyone with an entrepreneurial edge can run a business, […]


Nigerians are known for their exceptional, groundbreaking talents across the world. Here are five amazing Nigerians, all under age 40, who are making waves across several industries. ODUNAYO EUNICE EWENIYI Co-founder and CEO of top fintech platform, PiggyVest. ETOP IKPE Founder of Nigeria’s first used-cars and Autotech trading platform, Cars45. OKECHUKWU OFILI Founder and CEO […]