10 Reasons to stay indoors #COVID-19

For some people, the worst thing they are dealing with during this pandemic is having to stay indoors 24/7. As an extroverted person, it can be difficult to adjust to the elongated lockdown, even with the eased curfew. However, it is very important to stay indoors in order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus […]

How to stay motivated #Covid19

Working during the lockdown can take a huge dip into your mental health but it is very important to remain conscious and motivated! While it may be stressful to pay attention to your energy while trying to beat deadlines, you need to maintain positive energy to avoid burning out. How? Check out these tips! Focus […]


Washing your hands is a very important part of staying safe during this pandemic. International health organizations, as well as directives from the national body, advise that we should wash our hands at intervals. It is so important because we subconsciously touch several surfaces (which may contain the virus) and then touch our face. By […]


A post on social media quipped that the days of the week have now become; Saturday, Saturday Pro, Saturday X Max, Sunday, Sunday Pro, Sunday Pro Max, and Sunday X Max, and we couldn’t agree more. Being on Lockdown has muddled a lot of things. From the days of the week, the concept of time, […]


The coronavirus pandemic has created ripple adverse effects in social sectors including lockdowns in several states and countries across the world. As a result, students at different levels of education have had to adapt to online learning methods to continue their studies. While there are other students whose institutions do not have a standard framework […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: 86 New Cases

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) released the latest report on the national coronavirus outbreak statistics with the following breakdown as at 11:50pm on the 19th of April, 2020; 70 in Lagos, 7 in FCT, 3 in Katsina, 3 in Akwa Ibom, 1 in Jigawa, 1 in Bauchi and 1 in Borno -bringing the […]


Working from home has become the newest trend in several organizations across the world, following the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With major Nigerian states (Lagos, Abuja & others) on complete lockdown, it is no surprise that a lot of people have had to adjust to the process of working from home, especially in […]


The Coronavirus outbreak confirmed in Nigeria has seen a spike in recent times, and we can only be hopeful that while it is unfortunate, it means that the rate and validity of the testing has gotten faster and better. Lagos, Abuja and Ogun are still on Federal-mandated lockdowns, with some other states on selective lockdown […]