Ways to Promote Employee Engagement

What keeps a company running are the people employed to work at that company. Every successful workplace consists of skilled and consistent professionals who contributed to the success of that company.  While passion and talent are critical to succeeding, your employees must be engaged and constantly driven to do better so they don’t feel pressured […]

5 Popular Team Communication Tools

The recent change in the workplace system brings a different approach to how team communication works. Workplace integrity starts with the people in the workplace and the culture that encourages candid feedback and transparency. However, this needs to be facilitated by constant and open communication between all the employees. An effective medium of communication for […]


The coronavirus pandemic has put several things on hold in the world, from businesses to schools and even religious gatherings. The level of unemployment across the world has been on an alarming increase but, despite the dire situation of things, some skills are still very high in demand. Here are the 7 top skills and […]

Working From Home: How to create a schedule

WFH aka Working From Home is the new order of the day with the global pandemic and national lockdown situation. However, coping with the work from home routine can be quite daunting for some people who are not used to working remotely. One of the hardest parts about settling into the work from home routine […]


Working from home has become the newest trend in several organizations across the world, following the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With major Nigerian states (Lagos, Abuja & others) on complete lockdown, it is no surprise that a lot of people have had to adjust to the process of working from home, especially in […]

Remote-Working: Top 10 tools

The 14 days lockdown initiated as a preventive measure against the further spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja and Ogun especially) has given rise to the need for most business owners, team leaders and their employees to work from home (WFH). To maintain productivity and functioning of teams during this period, we have […]

Work From Home: Is your business ready?

The current global situation of the coronavirus pandemic has put an infinite pause on most activities, and the outbreak in Nigeria could also result in a similar situation. In most affected countries, there is a nationwide ‘Work From Home’ order due to the pandemic and it is already being adopted by some Nigerian companies and […]

Dealing with difficult co-workers

Working in an organization or company that has you in close proximity with your other co-workers can be the ultimate recipe for drama and disaster, especially having to work with someone who is extremely difficult. No one would readily admit to being the annoying co-worker, but you do not need a name tag to identify […]


Every office has some moments that are completely relatable! Check out some of our top favorites –Who put this thing here/there?! What is the thing? From whence cometh said thing? Who had the audacity to place it at said location? This question is a lot funnier if you are the culprit and no one suspects. […]