Job Application Tips -Ensure That Your Cover Letter Complements Your CV

The job search can be tiring but you can help yourself out by taking extra steps during the application process. One key factor is to make sure your cover letter complements your CV. Most job openings and descriptions request for your cover letter as part of the application. A well-written cover letter is great but […]


Picking through the application of several hundreds or thousands of candidates can be really stressful. However, to make life easier for everyone in charge of shortlisting, there is a smart software that is designed to make this load much lighter. This software is known as the APPLICATION TRACKING SYSTEM (ATS). It provides recruiting and hiring […]


Being on a job hunt is, in more ways than one, like running through an obstacle course. If you are a jobseeker, you can definitely relate to this scenario. You have been submitting your CV to different companies. You saw an advertised role that perfectly fit your education/experience so you applied. A few days later […]

CV Highlights (For Employers)

The Curriculum Vitae aka CV is typically a representation of the candidate. It provides basic information about them, with emphasis on their capabilities as a result of education and/or experience. It also provides insight on how the person perceives himself/herself and what they can achieve. Being aware of these essential functions of a CV, it […]