Tips for Jobseekers to Follow During their Job Search

It’s no news that finding a job is a full-time job itself; trying to find a new job can be difficult and frustrating whether you are a fresh graduate or someone who has been in the job market for a long time. However, if you follow the right step or have the right strategy laid […]

Cold Messaging 101

What does Cold Messaging entail? Cold messaging refers to the process of sending a message to someone you don’t know or a person who is not expecting to receive a message from you. Since the people you are contacting are people you have never interacted with, it is relatively difficult to get a reply from […]

Best And Worst Types Of Fonts To Use When Creating A Resume.

Your resume speaks volumes about you when applying for a job. It is used to create first impressions that can either make or break your job search. It is said that the average time a recruiter uses to scan a resume is six seconds.It is therefore important to make your resume readable and eye catching […]

Ways to Promote Employee Engagement

What keeps a company running are the people employed to work at that company. Every successful workplace consists of skilled and consistent professionals who contributed to the success of that company.  While passion and talent are critical to succeeding, your employees must be engaged and constantly driven to do better so they don’t feel pressured […]

Things to note before signing an employment contract

We all know the excitement we get when we get a new job; knowing that the sleepless nights you passed through, countless practices in front of the mirror, and the grueling recruitment process you had to face has finally paid off. Not to be a spoilsport, but while you are excited about getting this new […]

Ways to deal with post graduation anxiety

Graduating from the university is an experience most undergraduates look forward to but when graduation itself comes, post-graduation anxiety comes knocking. It’s a period where you have to separate from people you have bonded with over time, and the routine you have become accustomed to. Everyone talks about life after graduation; the job, promotions, vacations, […]

How to Answer “ Describe a Challenge you Have Overcome”.

At any stage in an interview, the interviewer would probably ask questions like “What challenges or obstacles have you overcome?”,  Tell me about a time you were faced with a challenge and had to overcome it or, “What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your career?”. The reason most interviewers ask this question is […]

How to answer the “Tell me about yourself question” during an interview

This is one of the first questions an interviewer would ask you during an interview process. As they say, first impressions matter; no matter how simple this question seems, it can make or break your case. This question serves as a medium for the interviewer to ease through the process and it is expected that […]

Benefits of workplace mentorship.

In recent years, according to Balance careers employee satisfaction at work has decreased significantly. This shows that more work needs to be done in finding the right ways to develop and engage in processes that would have a positive effect on your employees. One of the ways to ensure maximum satisfaction of your employees is […]

Best Websites to Find Remote Jobs.

If you are looking to stay home while working to avoid Lagos traffic shenanigans or traffic where you live, the best thing is to look for a remote job that suits you. COVID 19 has opened our eyes to remote working where you have access to several benefits including the time to create a flexible […]