Tips for a Friday night (in) out! #COVID-19

Yesterday, 26th of March 2020, Nigeria confirmed 14 new cases of Coronavirus and that has put a damper of sorts on Friday Night plans. Still, we have to TGIF. Just with caution. Sticking to the social distancing guidelines from the World Health Organisation and NCDC directives, it’s going to be a Friday Night In. But […]

How to Focus on a Friday!

Fridays are the ultimate best days of the week, NO CAP! But they can be really bad for productivity if you don’t focus while working or at school. Most of the thoughts we have during the day on Fridays are about getting home to relax or going out to get turnt, not about the actual […]


Thank God It’s Friday! Happy Weekend guys, We are all glad the busy week is over, and we know you are excited to get your groove on but safety is key! Have fun, let your hair down and go wild but always remember to prioritize your safety and that of the people around you. Have […]