#WCW – Temie Giwa-Tubosun

Our WCW for this week, Temie Giwa-Tubosun, is changing the world and impacting the African healthcare system, one pint at a time. Founder and CEO of LifeBank, Temie is a health-tech innovator who is taking the world by storm. She started LifeBank, a platform that orchestrates fast, secure, and reliable delivery of blood to patients […]

Business Spotlight: HELIUM HEALTH

Taking the lead in a groundbreaking innovation, Helium Health is bringing digital technology to the African healthcare system. Founded in 2006 by Nigerian Entrepreneurs, Adegoke Olubisi, Tito Ovia, and Dimeji Sofowora, this healthcare technology company has been using their flagship Electronic Medical Records/Hospital Management Information System (EMR/HMIS) product to strengthen healthcare systems in Africa –from […]