How to Answer “ Describe a Challenge you Have Overcome”.

At any stage in an interview, the interviewer would probably ask questions like “What challenges or obstacles have you overcome?”,  Tell me about a time you were faced with a challenge and had to overcome it or, “What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your career?”. The reason most interviewers ask this question is […]

How to answer the “Tell me about yourself question” during an interview

This is one of the first questions an interviewer would ask you during an interview process. As they say, first impressions matter; no matter how simple this question seems, it can make or break your case. This question serves as a medium for the interviewer to ease through the process and it is expected that […]

Steps to Boost Your Job Search

The process of searching and applying for a job can be a bit overwhelming. It takes a lot of strength to prepare one’s resume and cover letter when there’s the lurking fear that you might not get the job after all your efforts. However, feeling overwhelmed won’t help your job sense but rather impede your […]

How to Recognise Emotional Intelligence in Applicants During an Interview.

Many employers are coming to realize that prospective employees are not only required to be book-smart but they should reach a certain level of emotional intelligence as they portray the resilience and interpersonal relationship skills an employee possesses. It’s difficult to cooperate without emotional intelligence, and it would certainly be hard to grow, thrive, or […]


One of the final questions an interviewer asks is “do you have any questions for me?” Many people make the mistake of saying no which makes them look uninterested in the job. Always remember that an interview is not only an avenue for you to prove yourself; you should also take steps to assess the […]

How to Answer Interview Questions #TheFive

The importance of interview performance cannot be overstated. The possibility of employment is heavily influenced by how well you do at the interview stage. The easiest/hardest point is the way you answer these common interview questions. Our commitment is ensuring that young graduates secure employment so, here are the best ways to answer these questions. […]


One of the most exciting parts of the job-seeking process is being invited for an interview. Firstly, that means that your CV convinced them to take another look at you, and secondly, it means they are considering you for the position and you have to WOW the interviewer –with facts. How do you prepare to […]


 A lot of employers think that having a long interview process is the best way to get the right candidate but that’s actually tiring for both the recruiter and the applicants. Here are three short steps to pick the right candidate. CV Assessment Set a benchmark for what you want from a potential employee and […]


The lockdown situation, as a result of the coronavirus, has led to an increase in the need for online interviews as more companies are in search of remote workers. However, a lot of Nigerian companies’ HR personnel are not familiar with the procedure for having an online interview, as opposed to the standard physical one. […]


Being on a job hunt is, in more ways than one, like running through an obstacle course. If you are a jobseeker, you can definitely relate to this scenario. You have been submitting your CV to different companies. You saw an advertised role that perfectly fit your education/experience so you applied. A few days later […]