Training & Certifications

Learning never stops. This becomes evident in a corporate career where growth is of the essence. The best way to advance is to take additional training and get more certificates. How does this help your growth, read on to find out. -Building your knowledge Taking more training and applying for certification exams expand your knowledge […]

Job Application Tips – Employment History

Applying for jobs is a nervous journey that begins with your CV. The information provided in your cover letter, application, résumé, and most of ALL, the CV, have to be correct and factual. Most companies carry out a thorough verification process before or after calling you for interviews so if you are struggling with the […]

Dealing with difficult co-workers

Working in an organization or company that has you in close proximity with your other co-workers can be the ultimate recipe for drama and disaster, especially having to work with someone who is extremely difficult. No one would readily admit to being the annoying co-worker, but you do not need a name tag to identify […]

Five Tips to finesse your job search!

Being unemployed is one of the lowest moments of anyone’s life, especially for people who do not possess entrepreneurial skills. However, one of the most common mistakes people make when searching for a job is HOW they search. We understand that you may be under a lot of pressure and feel tense, but you can […]