BUSINESS TIPS #4 Networking

The interpersonal and inter-organizational connections you have, can make or break your business. This is the primary reason for the importance of networking as a business owner or someone looking to venture into business. You have to mingle around the social and corporate circles where people who are in your line mingle. With the right […]

How To Reach Out To Brands For Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to customer engagements and growth, especially with digital marketing. Getting in contact with the brands you are interested for collaboration can be a bit stressful, but we’ve simplified it! Do your research The first step is to know which exact brands you want to work with and do due diligence in […]

Training & Certifications

Learning never stops. This becomes evident in a corporate career where growth is of the essence. The best way to advance is to take additional training and get more certificates. How does this help your growth, read on to find out. -Building your knowledge Taking more training and applying for certification exams expand your knowledge […]

5 Project Management Apps #TheFive

Collaboration is the key to successful teamwork. Being able to handle individual responsibilities and still be accountable as a group, creates a synergy for productivity. Beyond these, however, there are some apps that help with the management of team projects. These apps have been developed to keep track of individual and group goals, all focused […]


Time management is an important part of living a fulfilled life as an adult or young adult. Without proper time management, you may end up flailing around or being stressed/tired at every time. So, how do you manage your time and get the best results for productivity? Check it out! Create a time audit Have […]


Project management is the core of most operations and systems for corporate function as it involves the organization and facilitation of teams, development of team plans and the execution of a project. WHAT CAN YOU DO? Typically, the responsibilities of a project manager relate exactly to the organization or company, and its industry in general. A […]