Our MCM this week is a 27-year old CEO and cofounder who built the world’s first gaming robot. Born in Nigeria, Silas Adekunle moved to the UK when he was 11 years old, and he took his childhood obsession in science and technology with him. As a young child in Nigeria, he spent a lot […]

Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2020

Registration is now open for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship program supported by Grow with Google, Andela, and Pluralsight. Software engineers (and aspiring software engineers) looking to build their competency in Android, Google Cloud, and Mobile Web (MWS) are encouraged to apply to the program. The aim of this program is to continuously engage with […]


Top android mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung, have unveiled their latest phone series, the Samsung Galaxy S20. The sleek beauty comes in three variations; S20, Ultra and Plus. Called ’20’ for the year it was released, 2020, this phone seeks to set a new benchmark for competition. It has a 100x zoom camera which is capable […]

After Uni: Myths vs Facts

Surviving four, or more, years in any Nigerian university is worth celebrating but, people tend to lose focus on what happens after the BSC. has been bagged. Here are the top assumptions about life after university, in comparison with the reality of the situation. MYTH: TIME TO REST Most people are under the impression that […]