Best And Worst Types Of Fonts To Use When Creating A Resume.

Your resume speaks volumes about you when applying for a job. It is used to create first impressions that can either make or break your job search. It is said that the average time a recruiter uses to scan a resume is six seconds.It is therefore important to make your resume readable and eye catching […]

5 Popular Team Communication Tools

The recent change in the workplace system brings a different approach to how team communication works. Workplace integrity starts with the people in the workplace and the culture that encourages candid feedback and transparency. However, this needs to be facilitated by constant and open communication between all the employees. An effective medium of communication for […]

How to create a free blog

Blogging is an excellent way to get started and build a digital brand for yourself. You can create a free blog in a very short time on any of these websites. WordPress WordPress is a free hosting website that creates a home for your blog. You can design your home page, menu, and other icons […]

5 Project Management Apps #TheFive

Collaboration is the key to successful teamwork. Being able to handle individual responsibilities and still be accountable as a group, creates a synergy for productivity. Beyond these, however, there are some apps that help with the management of team projects. These apps have been developed to keep track of individual and group goals, all focused […]


Writing can be challenging but with practice you can be great. Having to write about things you don’t know about, or have little experience with, can be scary. The key is to know how to research and relate your research in writing. While trying to improve, here are some tools you can use to ace […]

Remote-Working: Top 10 tools

The 14 days lockdown initiated as a preventive measure against the further spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja and Ogun especially) has given rise to the need for most business owners, team leaders and their employees to work from home (WFH). To maintain productivity and functioning of teams during this period, we have […]

THE FIVE: Market Analysis tools

Data is the foundation for success of any business. You need to know what is working in your marketing strategy and what is not, as well as the essentials of your system of operations and what needs to be amended for better results. How do you get these answers and results? Market Analysis. Traditionally, you […]


As a creative professional or freelancer, having a portfolio is very important to securing jobs and building your career. The problem is how to put all the wonderful works you’ve done, in one location for a potential client or employer to peruse. Well, the internet has once again responded. Check out these five portfolio builders […]


As a startup in the business world, there is a lot to be learnt -constantly. From current trade, to details about communications and information, and of course, business strategies to boost growth. To acquire this knowledge, you need to conduct research; at the inception or for sustenance of your business. Technology has made life relatively […]