Your ultimate guide to: Enjoy your weekend #COVID-19

Weeknd sang, “It’s the weekend, we are off the deep end…” and he definitely knew what he was talking about but, with the virus that has put the world in a state of confusion, it is important to enjoy the weekend SAFELY. Here is the StudentHub NG ultimate guide to enjoying your weekend! Drink a […]

How to Focus on a Friday!

Fridays are the ultimate best days of the week, NO CAP! But they can be really bad for productivity if you don’t focus while working or at school. Most of the thoughts we have during the day on Fridays are about getting home to relax or going out to get turnt, not about the actual […]

The ultimate guide to: EATING AT A BUKA IN LAGOS

Eating out is an activity that can not be avoided in Lagos. It is also one of the best ways to have an adventure in Lagos; through the sweet and the sour, spicy and savory. One of the most popular locations to eat out in Lagos are Bukas. Take away fancy decor, lighting and posh […]


Thank God It’s Friday! Happy Weekend guys, We are all glad the busy week is over, and we know you are excited to get your groove on but safety is key! Have fun, let your hair down and go wild but always remember to prioritize your safety and that of the people around you. Have […]

Weekend To-Do list

It’s the weekend, and while news of the coronavirus case in Lagos has things mellowed down, you can still get things done. If you haven’t drafted your weekend plan yet, here is a general to-do list to get you started! LAUNDRY IRONING HOUSE CLEANING GROCERY SHOPPING EXERCISE HANGOUT / CATCH-UP WITH SQUAD SCHEDULE FOR THE […]