In recent times technology has advanced so quickly in the business world and every other industry. The mode of communication has been much more easier and collaboration has also become more efficient. Working remotely has become the new norm. Business professionals don’t have to be in the same location to be able to work efficiently. […]

Working From Home: How to create a schedule

WFH aka Working From Home is the new order of the day with the global pandemic and national lockdown situation. However, coping with the work from home routine can be quite daunting for some people who are not used to working remotely. One of the hardest parts about settling into the work from home routine […]


Working from home has become the newest trend in several organizations across the world, following the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With major Nigerian states (Lagos, Abuja & others) on complete lockdown, it is no surprise that a lot of people have had to adjust to the process of working from home, especially in […]

Tips for a Friday night (in) out! #COVID-19

Yesterday, 26th of March 2020, Nigeria confirmed 14 new cases of Coronavirus and that has put a damper of sorts on Friday Night plans. Still, we have to TGIF. Just with caution. Sticking to the social distancing guidelines from the World Health Organisation and NCDC directives, it’s going to be a Friday Night In. But […]

Work From Home: Is your business ready?

The current global situation of the coronavirus pandemic has put an infinite pause on most activities, and the outbreak in Nigeria could also result in a similar situation. In most affected countries, there is a nationwide ‘Work From Home’ order due to the pandemic and it is already being adopted by some Nigerian companies and […]