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THE FIVE: Market Analysis tools

Data is the foundation for success of any business. You need to know what is working in your marketing strategy and what is not, as well as the essentials of your system of operations and what needs to be amended for better results.

How do you get these answers and results? Market Analysis.

Traditionally, you would need a data analyst or marketing professional to analyse your data but, thanks to technical developments the task has been made easy and in some options, FREE.

In no particular order, here are the top market analysis tools to make your work easy and your results efficient!


Most businesses apply social media marketing strategies to boost awareness and sales. Crowdbooster provides detailed analysis of the reach and engagement of social media campaigns as well as info on the most engaging fans and followers, with recommendations on optimizing them as influencers.

Alongside these features, it also provides scheduling options for automated social media use.

COST: Crowdbooster plans begin at $9 per month for the Bronze package (one Twitter account, one Facebook profile, one registered user, and analysis of up to 50,000 followers)

There is also Gold plan which costs $119 per month (30 social profiles, 30 registered users, and analysis of unlimited fans and followers) 


Where crowdbooster is the ninja tool for social media marketing, Convertable provides accurate information on user engagement and user profiles for webmarketing. It covers the details of how the user arrived at your site (organic, paid etc.), relevant keywords, location, viewed pages (and duration of view), and even the operating system and device used.

This helps you to make sure your digital or web marketer is doing the right thing, and to make sure the strategy being implemented is effective, as well as areas to improve functionality.


Convertable is free.


The ultimate combination of analytical tools, Mixpanel gives you insight to all forms of user behavior on different platforms. It can also be used on any device so you can keep track of your data in real time.

With this single tool, you can track app and site usage information and it provides concise reports that are easy to understand and optimize for improvement.


Mixpanel offers analysis of 25,000 data points (clicks and other actions) every month for FREE. Anything beyond this amount is charged depending on the official pricing.


Heat mapping is an analytical method that displays the interaction on web pages through heat intensity graphics. Crazyegg takes heat mapping to a whole new level of awesome.

It provides visualization to help you understand engagement and attention metrics of your site with valid audience data profile.


For the first 30 days of use, Crazyegg is FREE.

However, for continued use you may choose between the basic and pro plans. Basic – $108/year for 10,000 visits every month on 10 pages with daily reports. Pro – $1,188/year for 250, 000 visits every month on 100 pages with hourly reports and additional features.


Beyond regular social media analysis, BuzzSumo goes further to provide data on which topics are trending across all major social media channels. 


Pro – $99 per month

Agency – $299 per month

Enterprise – $999 per month


Everything you need to know what’s wrong with your marketing strategy and how to fix it!